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       Transaction Management Software for Real Estate                                                        





What is a real estate transaction management system, and why do I need one?

A good transaction management system enables you to manage and organize all real estate transactions and all documents in digital form so that you have remote  access to those documents anytime.  This allows you to easily forward documents, and permits others to access those documents online allowing them to  stay on top of key dates, and  to quickly order services  from your preferred vendors.   A good system also gives you communications and notification tools so that you have each transaction's status at your fingertips.   To learn more about real estate technology and transaction management system or TMS, click here.


Transaction Management Software Wizards

The listing and sales wizards walk agents and coordinators through every step:


Workflow Management

Vendor Services Management

Digital Document Management

Communications Management

Client Management

Transaction Management Software Workflow Management

Create task and reminder templates for each transaction type.

Create required document templates for each transaction type.

Create vendor services ordering templates for each transaction type.


Transaction Management Software Vendor Services Management

Automated ordering services

Easy document upload

Complimentary TMS for all your vendors


Loan Management

Virtual Office Builder enables buyers to log into an agentís private labeled TMS to complete all required applications, forms and reports. The electronic forms are then delivered automatically to the lender and are compliant with Fannie Mae and MISMO standards.

Transaction Management Software Digital Document Management

Receive faxes via email and in your Online Document In-Box.

Organize all of your transaction documents in the Document Manager.

Forward faxes via email, fax, or by allowing others to view online.

Fax documents directly from your laptop.


Transaction Management Software Communications Management

Online management of all contacts, messages, call logs, and notes.

Automatically generated activity log creates a paper trail.


Transaction Management Software Client Management

Allow your clients to access transaction documents online.

Automate reminders and notifications for your clients.

Clients can order a credit report, complete a loan application, generate a prequalification letter, and even get pre-approved for a loan.

Transaction Coordinator

Virtual Office Builder allows your transaction coordinator to manage multiple agent transactions using a single login.


To learn more about real estate technology and transaction management system or TMS, click here.